Do you need help communicating your brand story and selling your unique You?

You only have a short time to make a first impression, and you want to leave with a positive lasting impression.  What you say and how you say it in-between matters.

Through one-on-one coaching and media training, I will help you feel more at ease during interviews and be a more effective communicator.

I have more than 20 years’ experience working in communications and media and have been on both sides of the sales pitch. I know what works and resonates, and what does not.

Let me help your voice resonate through the “noise.” Here is what you will learn:

Communications Coaching:

  • Define your compelling “Why” to help you resonate with your target audiences
  • Fine tune your brand message/s and craft compelling sales and media pitches
  • Create a “brand statement” about you
  • Confidently speak about your brand story to an audience and – most importantly – engage them

Media Training:

  • Communicate your brand story and message with confidence and authenticity.
  • Understand how to speak with different types of media: radio, TV, digital, print, etc.
  • How to prepare in advance for an interview
  • How to project confident body language, eye contact, and tone of voice
  • How to defect tough questions and stay on message
  • Essential things you need to say and repeat
  • Media interview do’s & dont’s


  • A produced, edited 10-minute Fearless Fabulous You! podcast posted to 30+ podcast platforms. We provide you links to use in your social media

The training is one-on-one by Zoom over four hours. We can break this into four one-hour sessions.  Recording the separate podcast requires an additional hour plus editing time.


Media and Communications Training: $1500. Includes:

  • Four hours formal training and evaluation
  • All checklists and handouts I provide you
  • Speaker’s one-sheet to use as a handout

Separate recorded interview and edited Fearless Fabulous You! podcast (10 minutes) with you on your brand story posted to more than 30 podcast platforms. We provide you a link to share with your followers and we will cross post on social media. $850


Need More Guidance?

The conversation usually start like this:

“Melanie, I feel like I have hit a dead end. I just want to do something different that makes me feel more positive and joyful. I need to reinvent my life, my business, my everything! It’s exhausting!  I need clarity!”

I have had that conversation with many women and with myself as well many times.

What I learned is that many of us need a need a trusted sounding board and guide, a coach who is willing to listen with empathy, respond with supportive ideas and help provide you with a road map to clarity. his person will help you open doors and opportunities.

That’s me. I offer supportive and goal-oriented clarity coaching to help you:

  • Step into a new business or life
  • Redefine and refine your concept
  • Set goals and a timeline to achieve them
  • Identify partners and collaborative opportunities
  • Refine your sales and communication message
  • Connect you to carefully vetted services and experts to save you time and help you achieve results

This level of coaching is hourly at the rate of $250 for as little or as much time as you need. I offer a 10% discount for 20 or more hours, payment up front.

Schedule a complementary consultation to learn more: [email protected]