Thank you to the many people who support my message and for your kind words.

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“I worked with Melanie to launch her first book signing in New Orleans at Cafe Adelaide and was thrilled to have her join us for FestiGals 2015.  She’s witty, eloquent and a sage of wisdom for how to reinvent oneself.  She was the quintessential speaker, generously sharing her insights and experiences with the women who attended, and even helped to promote our event via her blog and radio show.  She’s the perfect package!” – Diane Lyons, Founder, FestiGals, New Orleans

“Thank you for being part of our inaugural webinar, “In the Pink: Looking Fit and Fabulous for All Stages of Your Journey.” You covered the importance of nutrition and mental health beautifully and thoroughly for our audience of breast cancer survivors. Your thorough overview of foods to eat, watch out for and avoid was incredibly helpful and an eye-opener for some. Thanks to your positive and upbeat delivery of the information, I think our participants walked away with valuable information that they can use to improve their everyday lives in meaningful ways without too much stress.” – Vern Calhoun, Director of Communications, Susan G. Komen NYC

“I am so happy that I chose Melanie Young as a speaker for our teleconference.  Her energy and positivity, could be felt through the phone.  She gives women living with breast cancer the hope that they too can turn stumbling block into stepping stones…Melanie you are an inspiration!”  – Dr. Cheryl Book, Director of the Breast Cancer Program of Chai Lifeline

What the participants had to say about Melanie Young’s presentation at Chai Life’s “Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones”

“Melanie  had some very clever lines that seem turn the whole cancer experience on its head! I hope to incorporate some of them into my daily life.”

“She was wonderful….Unbelievable positivity that I hope to emulate”


“On behalf of the Bucks County Breast Friends, please let me extend to you our gratitude for our evening with you.  I have heard from many of our “BFs,” and they found the evening both enlightening and entertaining.  And that’s even before they read your book!  Just wait!!  Personally, this English teacher loved the whole Wizard of Oz analogy, and this breast cancer survivor and all in that room totally get that….

 “I was amazed at how thoroughly Melanie was able to line up everything that needed to be done.  I imagine that comes from her career of planning so much for organizations. Most women, I think, would tend to say “ I just want this out “—yesterday!!!!!” –  Anne Clark, Bucks Country Breast Friends- Healing Consciousness Foundation


“I wish that I had had such a systematic map when I was first diagnosed.  How thorough, comforting and useful!!  It sounds like I will give a copy to everyone I know who is diagnosed!!”  Brava!- Didi Lacher, president, SHARE

“At the Young Women’s Teleconference Group, a woman joined for the first time.  She is newly diagnosed, recently had surgery and is preparing for chemo.  I asked her how she found out about the group and she said she read about SHARE in a book she’s reading.  I asked what book and she went to get it to show to the rest of the group.  It’s your book! She went on and on about how much your book has helped her.  She said it is her bible.  She said it was really helpful as it informed and educated her about what to ask her doctors and making informed decisions.”  – Christine Benjamin, Director of Breast Cancer Programs, SHARE


“Melanie’s candid, wide open, totally honest and poignantly hilarious way of telling her story touches the heart of every being. the journey is specific, but the message is universal: persevere, be brave and true and good to yourself. she is inspiring and joyful!” Rabbi Alexis Berk, Touro Synagogue, New Orleans

The Walden Club

“From the very beginning, she had the complete attention of everyone attending….  The audience was captivated by her life stories and words of advice.”  Tracy Jarvis, The Walden Club. Chattanooga, Tennessee


“Melanie Young, in print and in person, helps keep you honest, organized and optimistic no matter what trials you may face.” -Alexis Sattler, Book Passage Event Coordinator (Marin County, CA)


 “You’ve totally reframed cancer and made it into something where you can live your life and just really experience every moment” Jada Jackson, Host, “Emotional Mojo”

“Melanie is one of the most supportive wellness coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She provides creative insight and amazing recipes, too! Having gone through her own health challenges, she is extremely inspirational. She understands the challenges you’re facing. She knows how you feel on the inside. With that, she lets you know that what you are going through is OK, and that it is normal for us to face trials with staying healthy and on track. When you don’t see your own progress, Melanie points it out. She keeps you encouraged and her sense of humor and zest for life is contagious!” – Laila (Coaching Client)