Forgive me friends and fellow survivors. It has been two weeks since my last posting. I have vowed to post weekly. My reason? I took some time to have some FUN.

It has now been one full year since my final chemotherapy treatment. I celebrated in New Orleans at Jazzfest, a trip we had to cancel last year because I was just not well enough to deal with large sweaty crowds and that much jam packed fun, food and festivities.

It was a great weekend! New Orleanians who faced the worst in Hurricane Katrina have come back strong. This is a city whose residents know how to have fun. Oh, there is always stress and the spookies lurking around the bend, but the people I know who live there know how to wave it away and laugh it off. Laissez les bon temps roll.

I took the lessons learned from my New Orleans friends, also survivors of a life changing experience, to make a new vow.
As a gift myself I have decided to turn one day of the week into
Funday. This is the day, I will turn off the computer and TV, tune out the bad news and ‘the complainers,’ forget my fears, wave off
my stress, and enjoy the moment. I will play with my dog, hug my
husband, call a friend to hear her voice, treat myself to a small
indulgence and laugh out loud. I will awake naturally, eat what I
enjoy, listen to music and follow my own tune for the day. It’s really
a simple gift. Time to have fun. It doesn’t cost a dime. It doesn’t
have to involve complicated plans. You just have to stop making
excuses for not doing it.

What is stopping you?
Is that work deadline going to make or break your life?
How essential is that errand today?
Will people really forget about you if you don’t log in, check
in, post in or tune in?
Will those extra stressful hours of work really
make you more money, more successful, more worthy?
Is it worth it?

Fun is free. Fun is freeing. Having fun makes you feel good and be healthy. What is stopping you from having more fun in your life?

Are you having fun yet?

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