Sometimes we’re so busy moving through life just getting the work done in front of us that we don’t see what lies ahead. Long-term vision is important to help you reach your life or career goals, but too often we’re wearing blinders. So, what happens? You can get blindsided.

You wake up one day and realize time slipped away and you are further from where you hoped to be. Maybe you find your career has languished, or a relationship falters, or finances are stagnant. Whatever it is, you wonder, “can I ever get back on track?”

Of course, you can. But you may need to adjust your vision. An important tool for doing this is to visualize what you want and write it down. I am a big fan of writing in journals, and many successful women I have interviewed say keeping a daily journal has helped center and refocus their intentions.

I recommend this book!

In her bestselling book, “The Artist’s Way,” Author Julia Cameron (a former FFY radio guest) recommends hand writing your thoughts on three pages in a journal every morning. She refers to it as “morning pages.” It’s kind of a mind opener for the day.

Hunt Slonem bunny

My cousin Hunt Slonem, a world-renowned artist, paints a bunny every morning as his creative opener. Others start with meditation.

Another practice many say is successful is a vision board. They are easy to create using images cut from magazines or photos pasted to a poster or cork board, sketch book, or any way you want to creatively visualize the life you want and the goals you hope to meet through a collage of images and words. I write in my journal and created a private Pinterest board where I’ve been adding inspiring images. If you are more technology minded, there are numerous software apps to help get you started.

It’s called the Law of Attraction. Basically, this means: “Believe it and Be it, and you will Become It.”  If you want to attract a more positive thriving life for yourself, start by visualizing how you can be more positive in your attitude and actions. It will manifest in other parts of your own life.  It’s a little push me – pull you. The more your project outward the way you want people to see you, the more they will be drawn to you.

It can take baby steps. I envisioned a healthier life surrounding by farmland and mountains not too far from a metropolitan hub. I actually dreamed this image many times in my sleep while living in my cramped Manhattan apartment and wrote the dreams down. Eventually I bought my house in the Hudson Valley which fit the vision. Later, I had a vision of becoming a speaker and interviewing people, something I always enjoyed as a young girl. An opportunity to create my radio shows occurred after I went on book tour, and I jumped at it.

A vision board helps, set your intentions and reaffirm your goals through creative visualization. Ultimately it can help you attract the change you want to see because you’ll find yourself moving toward it with more clarity and focus.

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Make a Vision Board


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Both of my guests say vision boards help them clarify their goals and achieve success.

From $135,000 in Debt as a Single Mom to a Multi-Millionaire

Beate Chelette ran a successful photography business for years. Then an unscrupulous employee walked away with her client list. She went through a series of career highs and lows and at one point found herself saddled with $135,000 in debt with a cloudy forecast of bankruptcy facing her. But she re-envisioned her life and started over. And guess what? Beate Chelette sold her business to Microsoft Founder Bill Gates for millions of dollars.

How did she do it? And what can you learn from her?

Entrepreneur Beate Chelette

Beatte is Founder of The Women’s Code, her signature system that educates leaders and helps companies achieve gender equality. And as founder of The Growth Architect she creates outreach and sponsorship programs through customized entrepreneur skills training to help leaders grow and scale their businesses. A respected speaker and mentor she the author of “Happy Woman Happy World – How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome.”

From Cleaning Houses to Helping Clients Decorate Dream Homes

There’s no place like home, according to award-winning designer, Jennifer Adams, author of the newly release book, “Love Coming Home.” Jennifer believes the space you create in your home will provide a strong foundation for the life outside your home. A cluttered or too dark space lacks focus. Add color and the right light and a perspective can change as well as an environment.

Trust me. I am the last person to read books on decorating your home. But Jennifer’s approach is about creating an environment that is conducive to yours and your family well-being. For example, a bed is not just where you sleep but a place to regenerate and dream.

Speaking of a “dream” – Jennifer dreamed big. Yes, she picked up spending money cleaning houses, but the experience also taught her how to envision a better home setting which has enriched her career as a designer.

Jennifer is an advocate of vision boards to visualize your living space in as much as your place in life. It’s not necessarily what you see but how you envisionit.