This week a friend send me this quote below. I immediately dropped plans to work on my taxes and other practical things this weekend and took the day off to go cross country skiing. The sun was out; the weather was warm and the snow conditions were just right. Taxes could wait; the perfect day could not.

That’s the meaning of Eat the Cake. Too many times we deny ourselves the joy of stepping out of our routines to take time to do something truly pleasurable, even decadent. Or we are so focused on creating constraints in our lives to lose weight, save money, indulge less, etc. We say, “Oh, I shouldn’t,” or “I have no time,” or “It’s too much.” Why deny?  Too many people live in a state of deprivation focusing on what they shouldn’t do, or eat, or say, or ask versus what they can and want to do. Instead, focus on giving, not denying.

Whether it’s indulging in some “Me-time,” eating that big slice of cake- or cheese- or buying that special piece of jewelry or pair of shoes. It’s OK. Just do it. But just don’t overdo it. Eating a slice of cake is great; eating the entire cake, well….That’s another lesson in overkill.

So rather than being the Queen of Denial,* enjoy that slice, seize that moment, and enjoy every single bit! ( * famous country song, by the way!)

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