While many stress the importance of first impressions, I’m a believer in taking a second look. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but often an individual needs a deeper read when it comes to her personality. Someone you may consider withdrawn or dull may simply be shy and needs time to warm up to people. Her personality will be slowly coaxed out if you give her a chance.

The same goes for life as we know it and the surroundings and objects that fill it. That first date, or the first day of that vacation or school or job may not be what you expected. But, if you give it time and keep an open mind, things may work out and be better than you envisioned.

Recently, we traipsed around the East End of Long Island visiting yard sales. If you have ever been to yard sales in the Hamptons, you know they can be filled with eclectic finds, from old to new, high brow to pure junk, and everything in between. The contents of peoples’ homes lie scattered on lawns and tables; they hang from racks and walls. The book lies wide open, and each house you enter has a story about a family and a reason they’re moving. Sometimes it’s because someone downsized, died or divorced. Other times it’s because the residents just need a change and less clutter in their lives. Their trash becomes your treasured finds.

Driving down a tree lined road we approached a house that looked pretty dull compared some of the mansions and cottages we’d entered. We debated whether it was worth the effort. And here’s where the title of this post comes in.

My friend, Kathy, said her father always said to her mother, “Mary, there may be quilts.”

ID 55525036 © Robin Coventry | Dreamstime

We ended up going into the house and browsed around the backyard. And true to the saying there were finds to be had. Not quilts but very creative quilted bags made by the owner of the house, along with a few discarded designer clothes and bags you’d never expect to see.

And, there you have it.  Riding along in Kathy’s backseat staring out the window, my mental word cloud lit up over my head and said, “That’s right. There may be quilts.” There’s always a find with the right state of mind. Whether it’s people or places, everything has something to offer.