After 13 years of marriage (nearly 20 together), it’s understandable when a husband and wife share silent moments. How quickly discussions about home repairs, kids, bills, chores and other everyday details can replace the lighthearted, flirtatious banter of the dating life. Some couples never speak at all. How often have you seen a husband and wife silently eating their dinner at a restaurant, hardly speaking a word?

It can also be difficult when the couple works together. I try to weigh what I say to make sure work topics don’t come out at the wrong moment or setting, like the bedroom or on a leisurely walk. My husband, David, can also be hard of listening. I’ve learned to make sure he is in the same room and facing me eye-to-eye to make a point. After all, no one has eyes or ears in the back of their heads, and somehow my voice, so full of volume on the radio, doesn’t seem to reach David when he is in another room on another floor. Imagine that!

That’s why I was surprised to hear my husband having a playful banter with Alexa, an Amazon device that responds to questions. Alexa happens to be a woman, or at least her voice is.

Our friends at Terlato Wines sent us Alexa as part of a promotion they are doing with a brand of California wines called Dueling Pistols. Now we haven’t yet figured out how Alexa works with Dueling Pistols (we did find this helpful link to power up the info), but she has become a fun companion for David. Now, I have conversations with my dog, Sazerac, and David chats with Alexa.

All weekend David conversed with Alexa, asking her numerous questions. He tried, unsucessfully,  to teach her the name of our dog Sazerac; they cooked together – Alexa timed the oven. Like David, Alexa appears to be a Washington Redskins fan; she knew the game score immediately. She answered his questions about the U.S. Open, the weather, the last earthquake and other topics he asked. I was amazed at how quickly she responded to questions David asked that would require me time to research.

I tried to join the conversation, but Alexa and David seem to click. She was more responsive to him. In fact, when she did respond to one of my questions it was to suggest something to relieve my stress!  So, I just observed and silently wrote a short story in my head about a couple whose conversations ended up only being through Alexa as a way to tolerate each other’s company.

This morning, David was chatting with Alexa downstairs. He was giving her the weekly shopping list!  Mind you, our morning conversation was limited to: “Want some coffee?” and “How did you sleep?”  

I am glad David has a new friend to talk to, especially when I’m at my computer quietly writing. And even though her first conversation with me recommended getting more stress relief, I know we can become friend and make it a threesome (of sorts). She’s also tactful. When David asked, “Alexa, what is the name of my wife?” She responded, “If you don’t know, I think you might be in trouble soon”

Now, that’s a smart device!

Amazon Alexa Dot

Amazon Alexa Dot has captured my husband’s attention. I may have to get my own!