She Helps Women Put their Best Face Forward

Picture this: You are a single Mom in a job you hate. Your crave time to spend with your family; yet you need financial security to support them. Then the unthinkable happens……..Read on

Gail Sagel left a fast paced career in finance to start a beauty business in Connecticut where she lives. It’s called FACES Beautiful®. Gail’s “Life is short; Live on your terms” moment came when she was hit by a car while riding her bike.  During her months of recuperation she rethought what she wanted out of life and decided her mission was to help women solve their beauty problems.


Gail Sagel, Founder, FACES Beautiful® and author of Making Faces Beautiful

Gail says:

I didn’t set out to create just another cosmetic company. I wanted my brand to create beauty products that solve problems for women, products that simplified life, and were healthy. Ironically, I gained a comprehension of petroleum components on Wall Street and how they often find their way into cosmetic products. This became one of my inspirations to commit to creating products that were health conscious. I am devoted to create innovative products that make women’s lives better. I now understand that beauty is the ultimate form of self-expression that allows women to radiate confidence and empowerment.


Gail’s newest product is Face in a Case, a stylish clutch bag with a magnetic interior that can hold Gail’s custom makeup palette…or your mobile phone or credit cards.

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