Just when I was patting myself on the back because my backside now fits into fashionably skinny jeans, I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal that said skinny jeans are no longer in fashion.

I guess my behind is behind the times.

The article said there is a current backlash to “skinnies.” The new look is “rigid jeans.” These are jeans with no “give” or stretch. That sounds a lot like the kind of people who only talk and don’t listen.

Rigid jeans are about taking and not giving; as in, they take time to mold to your body and it takes time to get used to wearing them. According to the article “be prepared for an initial struggle.” I struggled to finally fit into skinny jeans. Why should I struggle now to fit into rigid jeans? Why should wearing a pair of jeans be a struggle at all?

Rigid jeans also take a hit to your wallet. Five different pairs of rigid style jeans were recommended in the article. Four were priced between $410 from Commes des Garcons to $850 for Dior; there was also an $80 pair from Gap. When did jeans starting costing as much as a laptop computer?

After experiencing an attack of gastritis and being advised by the doctor to avoid constrictive garments (no more SPANX), I’ve decided to loosen up and do as I please rather than being told what to wear and how to look.  “Mom” jeans. Boyfriend pants. Wear whatever makes you comfortable…and allows you to move!

This means I’m kicking off uncomfortable heels and tossing anything that feels too constrictive. I am not terribly fond of rigid people so why would I care to wear rigid pants? Fashion should be fun and not bondage. Why be a slave to fashion when you can master your own personal style statement?