Thick Skin. Thin Body.

Here’s my healthy top for the week: Maintain a thin body and thick skin. The former will help reduce your risk for several major illnesses including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke, diabetes, back and hip problems and certain cancers (just to name a few examples). The latter will protect you against mental erosion and self- esteem sabotage.

Thick skin will protect you against ageism, sexism and all sorts of discrimination you may face in life. It will keep you centered when doors slam in your face and you face a thousand “No’s” before finally hearing “Yes.” It will soften the blow when you are brushed away by insensitive people. And it will create a protective shield on days when you are feeling not-so-fabulous.

Many women spend a fortune on lotions and serums to keep their faces and bodies looking and feeling soft and smooth. Yet, all the expensive creams in the world can’t boost your beauty and well-being if you feel lousy about yourself and are super-sensitive about what people think and say. Sure, we want smooth unblemished skin, but it’s having thick skin that protects you from developing emotional scars.

Rather than spending money buying products to boost your outer glow, spend more time doing what you can to boost your confidence and help you glow from the inside out.  Start by eliminating anything and anyone toxic that brings you down. Add in activities that make you happy and keep you learning, doing and caring Stay curious and purposeful. Be adventurous. Stay physically active. Hold your head high even when you feel low. No one can bring you down if you have a strong foundation of confidence.

Thick skin got me through some tough times. It will you as well.

Image credit: Sun, Moon & Stars from Pinterest