Tuck it in. Suck it in. Hold it in. How many times have you heard, read or said this?

Well, I say do the opposite: Let it out!

I recently interviewed movement specialist Mary Derbyshire for my radio show Fearless Fabulous YOU! The focus was staying agile at any age.  Here is the link. Mary discussed how to sit, stand and move your body without overtaxing it. One thing I learned is that we tend to hunch and constrict our bodies rather than stay loose and limber. I  realized during the discussion that too many of us are too tightly wound up and constricted, both physically and emotionally, and it’s not good for our well-being.

We’re told to suck in our stomachs. We wear SPANX to hold in our bellies. We wear skinny jeans because it is the fashion even if they pose health risks.  I’ve developed a condition called meralgia paresthetica with tingling and numbness down my left thigh that I’ve been told is aggravated by wearing tight pants and leggings. Moreover, after a severe attack of gastritis that took me to the ER last September I was told to stop wearing any tight apparel around my mid-section since it can aggravate the condition. It’s not all about women’s attire. Tight pants worn by men can cause testicular torsion ( “twisted nuts”)

Then there is the emotional side of “holding it in.” We’re told to hold in our emotions and not rock the boat or act like the “angry bitch.”  We’re told to suck it up if we are dealing with an unpleasant business situation or client.

Wearing clothes that you hope will make you look and feel better on the outside don’t work if they are hurting your insides.

Holding in emotions just causes you to simmer and fester inside. And that is not healthy.

And not being your True You by holding back on taking an action or speaking out because of what others may say or think or because you wonder if it will really matter…well, it does. I think a sign of good health is having the confidence to let it out and say what you feel and mean. There is no honor with being dishonest with how you feel or how you express yourself.

Why dig yourself into an unhealthy hole by holding yourself in? Unleash. Release and Let It Go.