This is a love note to all the single ladies. I was once among you for many years. Sometimes I feel among you again. My husband travels quite a bit to drink wine in far-off locales.

There are many joys of solitude that I have rediscovered when David is away. Some of them apply to the joys of solo travel as well.

Here are a few:

You can eat what you want and when you want. Dinner does not have to be on the table at a certain time. You can eat dessert for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, and there is no one to question what eating.

You can soak in a tub with a book without anyone knocking on the door to check in, slather on a thick face mask without anyone trying to take your photo, and try the latest beauty tips using honey, coffee grounds, yogurt and whatever else is in your refrigerator or pantry without third party comments.

You can work at night without anyone saying, “you need to come to bed” and, if you work alone at home, you can slip away and take a nap without anyone knowing.

You can call a gal pal and have a long conversation over a glass of wine without looking at the clock.

You can quietly shop online, or step out and do some shopping without anyone asking, “What are you buying?You can dance around the house and sing at the top of your lungs to the songs that make you happy wearing whatever you want or nothing at all, and no one is watching (except maybe your dog or cat who thinks you are amazing and offers no opinions).

You can binge watch all your favorite TV shows and snack on popcorn in bed, or just turn off the lights and enjoy a quiet night without anyone snoring or kicking you on their sleep.

You can take yourself out to a restaurant and sit at the bars and strike up conversations with fellow diners, or you can bring a book and read. No obligations.

You can wear the same thing for days. No one notices or cares.

You can plan you day your way without having to check in with anyone. Or just get in the car and drive off for a day of exploring.

I’m not knocking companionship or marriage, kids or family. I just want to underscore the rare gift of having all the time to yourself. Enjoy it and don’t regret it or waste it.