Three words to live by to stay vibrant and young in spirit: Mindful, Passion, and Purpose. These are also three words to start your New Year with a New Attitude.

Mindful is about being “in the present” and focused on the here and now rather than the “when and what for?”

Passion is the spiritual and emotional energy that will help propel you. Passion can be positive energy or negative energy depending on how you channel it. Hopefully positive.

Purpose is your intention. I call it you you “Why?” As in “Why” do you want to make something happen? What is your motivation?

Put these three words together and you can create a Powerful Reconnection for yourself and you life. And that’s a fabulous feeling!

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!

On December 20, I discussed Mindfulness, Purpose and Passion with world-renowned psychotherapist, Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT, on Fearless Fabulous You! Andrea is author of “Mindful Aging: Embracing Your Life After 50 to Find Fulfillment, Purpose and Joy.” She explains how you can throw out old stereotypes about getting older, fight nonproductive feelings of irrelevancy, and move forward to thrive at every age. Her message is “You have the power to change how you grow older.” Age with an attitude to inspire!

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