I have closets filled with beautiful clothes, shelves lined with designer handbags, racks of shoes and a safe filled with fine jewelry. They’ve been slowly acquired over the years, purchased by me or gifted from my parents or friends.

I’m a lucky, well-dressed woman….except when I’m wearing the wrong accessories. I’m not talking about a heavy purse or too tight shoes. I’m talking about emotional baggage and feathers of self-doubt that dull your sparkle and cramp your style.

A brilliant “Huffington Post” article has been circulating among my friends called “What Not To Wear After 50.” by Michelle Combs (www.RubberShoesinHell.com). Some of my favorite tips on what not to wear include: “the weight of the word,” “too many hats,” “shame and regret” and “rose colored glasses.”

The article was perfect timing. I was prepping for a segment for Fearless Fabulous You! on attitude and aging. In response to the article “What Not To Wear After 50,” I am sharing the best accessories for every woman at any age.

Confidence: Self assurance puts a spring in your step better than any well-crafted shoes.

Curiosity: An ageless mind is a curious one, interested in learning and growing. Curiosity is  your best color.

Gratitude: Good manners and a gracious attitude project grace which sadly too many people, from fashionistas to corporate suits, lack these days.

Kindness: People may not remember what you wore or whether you hair was in place, but they will remember how you treated them.

Sense of Humor: The ability to laugh off and shrug away petty annoyances will lighten your spirit.

A Smile: A smile illuminates your face more brilliantly than any piece of jewelry. Remember this tidbit from Little Orphan Annie. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

Lines on your face are nothing compared to cracks in your confidence. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. An ageless person wears the right attitude at the moment she’s in. #fearlessfabulousyou

When she wore her confidence cape