“I think you ladies are too old for us,” said the tall young man with the half-mast eyes as we headed into the Nashville honky tonk.  There were three of them and three of us standing in the short line at the bar’s entrance. We were three gal pals spending the weekend away to celebrate a milestone birthday. They were a trio of dudes probably half our age and most definitely half our mental age in terms of intelligence…and manners. I muttered under my breath, “Who asked your opinion anyway?”

Inside the bar a nerdy man curled his finger at me as an invitation to dance. The music was dance-worthy and my feet were tapping, so I accepted. “I’m gonna make you look good,” he said. I thought, “Really! Who asked your opinion? I’m looking just fine, thank you.” I strutted my stuff on the dance floor ignoring his curling finger. The music beckoned me; not him.

If you love your life, embrace your purpose and  like who you are, what do other peoples’ opinions matter?  The thing is, we should not have to seek out for opinions or approval or acceptance for who we are, how we look or how we live on our terms.  The only opinion that matters is the one you have of your own self. If you don’t fit in, embrace standing out.